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Pilates with a Physio 

Evolve Health and Fitness Coolum Beach is now offering physiotherapy services including pilates sessions. Sessions with physiotherapist Anita are tailored to your needs – have fun, get stronger, treat an injury or prevent one, improve coordination, increase core strength (deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles), and challenge your balance.                          

The sessions, using specialised equipment such as reformers and wundachairs, aim to enhance your quality of life – pilates can speed up recovery from illness or injury, as well as enhance general fitness. Improved core strength can help reduce ongoing pain, improve posture and movement, and maximise your ability to live a pain-free life.

Why choose pilates with a physio?

Pilates can be used as therapy, to assist with the physical (and mental) demands of our busy lives. Pilates and exercise sessions conducted by a physio can be claimed on private health covering physiotherapy. Physiotherapists have qualifications and enabling them to use pilates (and other movements) as ‘medicine’ or therapeutic exercise, having been trained in the assessment and treatment of the clinical aspects of movement. They are experienced in identifying how pain has started (such as poor posture or a weak muscle) and can help with managing it, likewise, a physio can help with the prevention of pain and injury. Research has shown that injury and pain can affect the activation and timing of muscles and that without specific re-training, your muscles may not return to normal function once the pain of an injury has resolved. A physio can help by selecting exercises to get the best possible outcome

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Benefits of pilates with a physio

Pilates exercise with a physio is an excellent way to promote healing from an injury or illness. Physiotherapists have an in-depth knowledge of the body and the ways in which it becomes affected by different circumstances. • Recover from injury or post-surgery without sustaining a new injury or making your existing injury worse • Specific exercises will help you to return to your sport or level of physical ability • Prevent injury through improved muscle control • Improve your mobility and range of movement (flexibility) • Maintain your body’s functionality as you get older

Is pilates with a physio right for you?

Let us help you decide. All new clients (or clients returning after a time) will have an initial assessment that is claimable on private health – this allows the setting of goals and the planning of sessions to best achieve those goals. This helps prevent aggravation of injuries or reinjury. A physio will help educate you about how daily habits can contribute to pain and illness.                                                                                                                            Following the one-on-one session, and with the advice of the physio, clients then can attend regular semi-private duo classes with the physiotherapist. You will be carefully monitored, assessed, and progressed with short-term and long-term goals in mind. Pilates programs with a physiotherapist are a valuable facet of management for many conditions in the sub-acute and chronic stages of recovery whilst also being useful (in some cases) for providing pain relief and early motor control training in the acute phase. Pilates is suitable for many musculoskeletal conditions, pre-and postoperatively, ante- and post-natal (pregnancy), aging, neurological conditions, impaired balance, as well as general health and fitness.

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Meet your instructor, Anita Collins

Anita has been working as a Physiotherapy Pilates Instructor for more than 18 years around Australia and overseas. She graduated from University of Queensland before training as a Pilates instructor both within a physio context (Dance Medicine Australia) and generally, through Body Arts and Science International. Anita came to physiotherapy and pilates after injuring her back playing sport as a teenager, wanting to learn more about holistic wellness and rehabilitation. Fascinated with getting bodies to move well, she advocates movement for everyone. Anita has worked with people young and old, fit and injured, motivated and not, cancer survivors, athletes, and most things in between. Anita’s interests involve healthy living, plants, food, reading, and all manner of other pursuits.

Private health cover available.Medicare, DVA members, NDIS 

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Pilates with a physio

Physiotherapist-run Pilates sessions are a particular form of exercise devised by physiotherapists using Reformer Pilates equipment to enhance functional movement, strength, coordination, rehabilitation, and balance.

Mondays 9 am - 1 pm  Wednesdays 9 am-1 pm

Initial consultation $115

Private Single Session | $104

Semi-private (Duo) Single Session | $58 pp   

Private Health rebates are available.

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