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About us

Evolve Health and Fitness has been established in Coolum Beach, servicing nearby Peregian Beach up to Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast for 18 years and boasts a dynamic team of health and fitness experts. Our dedicated Personal trainers, Studio pilates instructors, exercise physiologists and physiotherapists offer a range of health and fitness services.


The Evolve studio provides a space where clients can train in private, learn new skills, and be motivated and supported without the distraction of a busy gym environment.


Our approach is to provide our clients with a variety of health and fitness services. Our team of practitioners works together with the same objective, to offer our clients the right program to achieve their goals and ensure they have fun.

Our role as practitioners is to provide a progressive program tailored specifically to your health and fitness needs. We take into consideration your current physical and mental status, any past or current injuries or rehabilitation programs and your short and long-term goals.  

Meet the Evolve team

tony buksh Head Coach & Personal Trainer.jpg

Tony Buksh

Head Coach & Personal Trainer

Tony has substantial experience in the core aspects of fitness and rehab and is interested in helping clients achieve consistency and balance in their life. In his 20 years as a Personal Trainer, Tony has worked with clients of all ages, covering a variety of personal health goals, including rehabilitation and specific sports training. Before starting EVOLVE Health and Fitness at Coolum Beach in 2004, Tony owned and managed a successful Personal Training studio in St Kilda, Melbourne.


Tony’s highly regarded approach to personal training starts with the premise that getting in shape is not just about talk and fad information but about acting upon lots of small changes and remaining consistent with an individually designed physical program.


Tony is approachable and disciplined, communicates relevant physical and nutritional information quickly, and delivers genuine care and professionalism to his clients.

Completed cert 4 in fitness, certified rehab, Certified Strength and Conditioning and currently studying exercise physiology at USC.

Anita Collins.jpeg

Anita Collins

Physiotherapy Pilates Instructor

Anita has been working as a Physiotherapy Pilates Instructor for more than 15 years around Australia and overseas. She graduated from University of Queensland before training as a Pilates instructor both within a physio context (Dance Medicine Australia) and without, through Body Arts and Science International.


Anita came to Physiotherapy and Pilates after injuring her back as a teenager, wanting to learn more about wellness and rehabilitation. Fascinated with getting bodies to move well, she advocates movement for everyone. Anita has worked with people young and old, fit and injured, motivated and not, cancer survivors, athletes, and most things in between.


Anita’s interests involve healthy living, plants, food, reading and all manner of other pursuits.

narrelle jones Pilates Instructor.JPG

Narelle Jones

Pilates Instructor

Narelle loves teaching people Pilates, assisting personal growth through overall body awareness, strength and toning while achieving better posture. In 2004, after suffering lumbar disc issues, Narelle discovered pilates and felt the benefits within a short time. During those formative years, she developed a passion for health and fitness which has led her to various styles of postural and core training in the last 10 years.
In 2014 her life opened up a new pathway which allowed her to study in the health arena and apply her passion to work. She has completed her qualification in Contemporary Pilates Instructing locally on the Sunshine Coast with Tensegrity Training and continues to study further to increase her skills and knowledge

Susanne Goldin_Exercise Physiologist.jpg

Susanne Goldin

Exercise Physiologist

Susanne has always been fascinated by the architecture of the human body but is equally intrigued by the power of my mind in healing. Her study, teaching, and most of all her personal practice of yoga and mindfulness have further deepened her understanding of the need to develop a powerful connection of the mind-body-breath to support one’s health, well being, and recovery. Collectively, this allows Susanne to offer her clients evidenced-based and holistic care. 


Kristie Axe

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Qualified and experienced in reformer, mat and studio Pilates as well as yoga and meditation, Kristie brings a holistic approach to her teaching. Kristie’s classes aim to increase fitness whilst building deep core strength, mobilizing joints, improving flexibility and rehabilitating injury. Her classes offer a fun, dynamic workout coupled with deep stretches, strengthening and lengthening of muscles
plus a focus on elements of breath work, mindfulness and relaxation.

Kristie has worked across many fitness centres and studios (in Melbourne and on the Sunshine Coast) working with both large and small groups including participants of all ages and fitness levels. She is warm and friendly and her passion for Pilates really comes across in her teaching.

Ready to evolve your health?

If you're ready to evolve your health and fitness and would like to speak to one of our practitioners, contact us and let's get your journey started.

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