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Personal Training

Our role as EVOLVE personal trainers is to provide a progressive program tailored specifically to your health and fitness needs. We take into consideration your current physical and mental status, any past or current injuries, the session's time of day and your short and long term goals.  

New to Evolve Health & Fitness?

If it's your first time with us, please contact us prior to booking online to discuss the right program for you or you may book our Fitness Introductory Package.

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Initial Fitness Assessment

Your Fitness Assessment is a private 1:1 session with our expert instructor and will cover goal setting, flexibility, mobility, posture, nutrition, and frequency of session according to your timeline and finances.

1 hour | $90

Contact us to book a time for your assessment

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Personal Training

We offer aerobic training, resistance training, posture and core strength, sports conditioning, back pain management, and rehabilitation. We create client-specific programs, provide unconditional support, and guide you to integrate other health and fitness disciplines such as yoga, pilates, and nutritional advice. 


All our sessions are progressive and tailored to the individual as we understand that not all clients are the same, nor will the same clients have the same energy levels every time they show up to training. Understanding how a client feels on the day helps eliminate any chances of injuries, dissolves limitations and makes the session progressive and enjoyable.

Private Personal Training Session 30 Minutes | $52

Private Personal Training Session 60 Minutes | $90

Fitness Introductory Package

Book 2 private personal training sessions

for only $150

PT-Intro Package

Ready to evolve your health?

If you're ready to evolve your health and fitness and would like to speak to one of our practitioners, contact us and let's get your journey started.

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