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We've tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a question or unsure how you can reach your fitness goals with us, please get in touch we'd love to hear from you. Contact us

What is a Reformer?

A reformer is a machine used in classes that facilitates greater intensity and is even more dynamic than mat work classes. The carriage of the reformer is loaded by a number of tensioned springs (usually 5) that attach to the carriage of the frame. When the carriage slides, horizontal resistance is then created.

​Is it safe?

Despite the actual machine itself looking a bit intimidating. Like anything, once you have practiced on the reformer with the assistance of a professional overlooking your every move, your confidence will soon grow. Active demonstrations are a feature of our classes, as well as continual feedback and encouragement. Once you have participated in a block of reformer classes, you will be well equipped to take your reformer work to the next level.

Does it matter what age or your level of fitness you are?

Absolutely not, ANYONE can do it, no matter your size, shape or fitness level! People of all fitness levels can do Reformer Pilates as it is adaptable to each individual’s abilities. We have clients who are recovering from serious injury and clients in their 60s as regulars enjoying the classes!

What if I am pregnant or just had a baby?

As long as your instructor is qualified and experienced in this area, then pregnant women are also able to enjoy Reformer Pilates classes, it helps them to keep fit and healthy during their pregnancy and prepare for labor by strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Postnatal clients can also use Reformer Pilates to re-establish their abdominal strength and help transition back to normal after abdominal separation. Please check with your instructor prior to registering for a class.

When will I see results?

In just 1-2 sessions you will start seeing a change in your body. Smaller waist, more toned arms, and legs and better posture. Give it a try today!!

What do I bring to class?

A water bottle, a towel, and your lovely self.


What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in is recommended i.e. tights and a singlet top. You will remove your shoes when on the machines.

What should I expect at the first class?

In the first class, you will meet your trainer and talk about any specific health concerns and goals you would like to achieve from the reformer Pilates classes. You will go through a series of exercises on the machine to start you thinking about core activation whilst getting a good overall workout. The trainer will explain each exercise in detail and ensure you have the correct technique to engage the muscles, align the body and connect the core. The class will leave you feeling toned, strong and lengthened. 


Do I Need A Referral To Make An Exercise Physiology Appointment?

No, a referral is not required to make an appointment with our Exercise Physiologists (EPs). You may book a private appointment at any time. However, to be eligible for Medicare, DVA, WorkSafe or TAC funding, a GP or Specialist referral may be required. Contact us for more information

Is There Funding Available To Help Pay For My Exercise Physiology Sessions?

If you have a diagnosed chronic health condition(s), you may be eligible for Medicare funding as part of a GP management plan and Team Care Arrangement (GPMP & TCA). This entitles you to up to a total of 5 allied health sessions per calendar year. This needs to be arranged in advance by your GP.

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, you may also be eligible for Medicare funding for our group programs, in addition to the GPMP & TCA sessions.

If you have Private Health Insurance, your insurer may reimburse you for some of the costs of Exercise Physiology services, depending on your level of extras cover. Please contact your Private Health Insurer directly to determine whether your policy covers Exercise Physiology services (Items 102, 202 & 502).

If you have been injured at work or in a traffic accident, you may be eligible for WorkSafe or TAC funding to cover Exercise Physiology Treatment. Please note, Exercise Physiology is considered a referred service under WorkSafe, therefore a referral from your doctor, as well as written approval of services from your insurer is required PRIOR  to commencing treatment. 

If you have a Department of Veteran's Affairs White or Gold card, you may be eligible for funding to cover the costs of Exercise Physiology Treatment with an appropriate referral. Please contact us for more information


What If I'm Not An "Exercise Person"?

Our goal is to provide individualised physical activity recommendations to improve health and well-being based on YOU and your specific circumstances. You do not need to be an athlete or a gym junkie, we will tailor our advice to your current capabilities, interests, and level of experience. 

We will work with you to come up with a plan to get you moving in a way that is suitable for you and your lifestyle while working around your limitations. 

What Should I Expect At My Initial Consultation?

The initial consultation is where our EPs get to meet you, hear your story, and ask questions that will help to determine the appropriate advice and plan of action for you and your specific circumstances.

In this session, we will ask you about your health history, medications, injuries, etc. as well as your current and past physical activity experience. If you have any relevant medical documentation, including doctor's referral, medical reports, imaging films, discharge summaries, certificates of capacity, etc, we ask that you bring them along to assist our understanding of your situation. We will also ask you about what it is that you are hoping to achieve, and what opportunities you have to assist you in pursuing these goals.

Once we discussed these items, we will conduct any relevant physical assessment to help us identify safe and appropriate exercise recommendations for you. This may range from measuring your blood pressure and heart rate, joint flexibility, muscle strength, balance and/or aerobic fitness, depending on your individual circumstances. We will not ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable with, but you can expect to do some form of movement during your initial consultation.

The initial consultation is also a perfect opportunity for you to let us know your expectations. Please advise us if you have particular needs that you would like us to address that may not be immediately apparent. Our goal is to partner with you to design an appropriate plan of action. You are the expert in your body, and as such your input is vital.


What Should I Bring To My Exercise Physiology Appointments?

For all sessions, you should wear clothing that you are comfortable moving around in. 
This includes comfortable walking shoes or trainers, loose-fitting, comfortable top and shorts/pants. You do not need to wear specific "exercise clothes", but try to avoid restrictive clothing such as jeans or work boots if possible.

Please bring a bottle of water and a towel

If you have any prescription medication that you usually carry with you (eg. Ventolin, anginine, insulin), please bring that as well.
If you are diabetic, please bring your blood glucose monitoring equipment with you also.

For your initial consultation, please also bring any medical documents, referrals, images, reports, etc that may be relevant to your situation.

If your session is to be funded by Medicare, Private Health Insurers, TAC, WorkSafe or DVA, please bring relevant cards and documentation.

Why we don't put our prices on the website?

We have so many different packages, unless we know what your goals are, we really can’t comment on what packages are right for you. Some of our packages might include a physio session, nutrition sessions or a group class. We find it's best to meet with you tell you what we do and find a program that works best for you based on what we recommend, present you the package and the rest is up to you to make your decision. 

Do I need to be fit before coming to a personal trainer?

No, you don’t. We assess you according to your current lifestyle. Once this assessment is complete, establish some basic parameters and do some simple tests, we create a program according to your requirements.

Is hiring a Personal Trainer value for money?

The value of a PT session can be placed on having one great personal trainer meeting your specific needs. An EVOLVE personal trainer will tailor a program to meet your exact needs that are set together by your and your trainer. We think that the value of improving your health and reaching your own specific health and fitness goals is very high!

What can a Personal Trainer do for me?

EVOLVE Personal Trainers will engage with all types of people to create, assess and alter programs as required. We provide basic nutritional concepts, work with injuries and chronic diseases, and guide people through targeted exercises to meet their health and fitness goals. We also refer clients to the most appropriate allied health practitioners and work alongside them to assist with the client’s progress.

Can I get the same results working in a gym?

Yes, you can, especially if your motivated, consistent and have identified your health and fitness goals. If you are experienced and have knowledge of what exercises and what equipment you need to use to achieve these goals you will also be able to get results. 

Will I be pushed to my limits every workout I do with a personal trainer?

Not always, but we will build on your progress. Our personal trainers will modify the session so you are as productive as you can be during that session depending on what state you are in mentally and physically. 

What will be covered in my assessment?

Your assessment will cover goal setting, flexibility, mobility, posture, nutrition, and frequency of session according to your timeline and finances. 

Do you provide nutritional support?

As trainers we spend a lot of our time discussing nutrition so we have a solid knowledge base on this topic, however, we recommend that you book a consultation with our nutritionist. This can be added to your package.

Can I get the same services if I decided to pay as I go?

Yes, we follow the same protocol if you purchase a package or pay as you go. The only difference is that you receive a financial discount if you select a package. A package is also a great way to commit yourself to the program!

How often should I come to a trainer?

This depends on the individual as well as their goals. A 30-minute session once per week may be enough to assist one client to meet their goals, whereas another client may need three sessions per week until new habits are established. This will be discussed in your assessment.

Can I train with an injury?

Yes, our personal trainers are more than happy to work with injured clients and will refer on to an appropriate medical practitioner such as a physio or osteopaths if necessary. Your personal trainer will develop your program around your injuries or any other limitations you may have, whether it’s a stiff back, knee or shoulder injury. Your personal trainer will give you rehabilitation and mobility exercises to strengthen and improve functional movement. From experience, our clients see dramatic improvements within weeks.

What qualifications and experience do your trainers have?

All our trainers have more than 8 years of experience and have various backgrounds in rehabilitation, yoga, pilates, and nutrition.


How much Pilates experience do I need to attend the classes?

It would help to have some experience, but it's ok to join the class anyway.

Are all personal training sessions taken in the studio?

Yes, all our sessions are in the studio. The advantages are that sessions are uninterrupted, all the resources and equipment are on-hand and we are never affected by the weather. We can do outdoor and home sessions on request.  

Ready to evolve your health?

If you're ready to evolve your health and fitness and would like to speak to one of our practitioners, contact us and let's get your journey started.

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