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Hear what our lovely clients have to say about evolving their health with us.

“How committed are you?” and “What are your goals?” These were the two questions presented to me at my first meeting at Evolve. It had taken me almost 12months since my first phone contact to make the decision to invest in myself, both time and money. It wasn’t an easy decision to prioritise what I wanted to do and I found many excuses to avoid coming to the realisation that “I am worth it!” and “It is ok to do this for me!”.  So, I was 110% committed (after too much deliberation) and my goals were: 1. To get back a good level of muscle tone, 2. Improve my cardio fitness, and 3. Lose 5kg - 7Kg


From the first session, Tony invested himself in my success as much as I had.  He made it very clear that the success was in my hands. His words, "I can get you a good set of limbs, but you need to change your life choices!”.  The expectations were clear and reasonable and real.  Through my own commitment and the relentless encouragement from Tony, I achieved my goals within my set timeframe.

I’m not the same person who walked into that initial meeting. I am determined to maintain the achievable life changes and the invaluable positive mindset I have invested in…… for ME!


Sincerely, thank you. Evolve really does impact lives and I intend to take what I have learnt to others who need to believe that it is ok to invest in and believe in yourself.

Marilyn Stevens

Over the five years I have trained with Evolve, the trainers have always adjusted my training schedule to meet my physical needs at the time. Some injuries take a long time to heal. Torn hamstring, tennis elbow, troublesome knees, unbalanced hips- all of these have been adapted for, and special attention is given to building up strength. The trainer's theoretical and practical knowledge has been exceptional.

Teresa Scott

For the last 30 years, I have sustained many injuries playing many sports. All those old injuries creep back into your life, your motivation to sport slows, the weight piles on and you slip into a body you don’t recognise anymore!  


Then I found Tony, and so it began - the road back to the old me…with exceptional rehabilitation programs created for individual injuries (working alongside my physio), combined with a healthier eating program, Tony coached me to train myself both mentally and physically to the healthier person I am today - kilos lighter and the body fitter. Thank you. 

Kate Berkett

I can hardly believe that I  have lost 14 kilos. Once I started and got over the initial sessions at Evolve, it got easier - the slow progressive starts have made all the difference. The aches and pains have slowly disappeared, I am lifting heavier weights and lasting longer at boxing and I feel great and have more energy. I train at Evolve 3 times per week and try to do 45 minutes on a treadmill at home.​

Jane Ford

I love the buzz I feel after a session! I appreciate the ‘good work’ comments I receive after I achieve something. Each session is slightly different and always challenging. I have also had some aches and twinges adjusted and realise later they no longer bother me. All in all, I thoroughly enjoy my program and feel comfortable training at EVOLVE.

Kaye Yates

I am confident in sending my patients for exercise rehabilitation to EVOLVE. Their approach with my patients recovering from back pain or injuries has always been thorough and professional. The trainers at Evolve are mindful of injury prevention and also provide a well-rounded and caring approach to inspire patients to return to optimal health by utilising guided exercise, diet and motivational work to change habits. Thanks, guys. 

Nichole Hamilton - Synergy Physio

Tony and his team are great. I've trained with both Cristie and Tony over the last few years and have learned so much. In my experience, the main difference between Evolve PT and other personal trainers is that they focus on working with you to maintain a quality of life and fitness (feeling good) rather than solely focusing on exercising for weight management. Their depth of knowledge and experience is evident when they explain why you are doing certain exercises. They are flexible and client-centred. You will not have a Commando/Biggest Loser/Bootcamp style experience (unless you want that). However, they will encourage, support and challenge you to improve your fitness, strength and overall health.

Keryn Dowding

A crushed foot and damaged knee resulted in three months of immobility and a further five months of restricted movement after a knee replacement and rehab. From a once active lifestyle, I was left feeling physically and emotionally vulnerable with muscle wastage and zero energy. Then I made the decision to talk with Tony at Evolve Health and Fitness. Tony was able to demonstrate that I need not give up even at 69 years of age, with a goal to engage again, in a full life with a program designed to meet my specific needs. In the short term I was encouraged with my improvement, and subsequently reaching even further goals, which I could never have done by myself and especially without the expert professional advice and instruction provided by Tony at Evolve.

Barbra Marshall

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