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How Chronic stress causes weight gain

For you, fat loss may be a high priority, but for your body, it’s not. Your body is hardwired to help you survive, and your body’s desire to survive and your mind’s desire to get lean may not always match.

I believe fat loss (if you legitimately have fat to lose) is the natural consequence of taking care of your health. It’s not the goal: it’s the side effect. Weight gain is not the problem; it’s a symptom of the problem.

And while you may be doing ‘everything right’, your body still might not see the scale move. Which means you’re not doing everything right FOR yourself.

Here’s how chronic stress can make you gain weight or make it harder to lose weight: • Inhibits protein synthesis and muscle growth, which can lead to a drop in metabolic rate •Negatively impacts your thyroid hormone (and sex hormones) •Increases symptoms such as chronic fatigue, irritability, and depression, reducing willpower and increasing the desire for sugary foods •Leads to excessive blood sugar swings (cravings and energy drop!), and insulin resistance

Your body’s priority is survival. And if your body feels stressed, if your body senses danger, your body is going to dedicate any extra reserves to managing stress. As frustrating as it can be, know that your body never tries to work against you.

So take care of yourself. You don’t need to overhaul your life (because that might be stressful, too!), but you can take small steps to coach wellness and reduce chronic stressors.

Here are some ideas to get you started: ❤ Exercise moderately (too much is a stressor on the body!) ❤ Go to bed 1 hour earlier (unless you’re already going to bed by nine like me😉) ❤ Include downtime or do nothing time in your to-do list ❤ Focus on protein, fat, and fibre at each meal to balance blood sugar ❤ Start each day with meditation. ❤ Cuddle with your loved ones (including your pets!)

❤Learn something new to redirect your thoughts and create a new passion.

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