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How is stress impacting you?

When we think about stress, we usually think about rush-hour traffic, tight work deadlines, or not having a goal.

But so much more can lead to a chronic stress response… ▪Negative self-talk, perfectionism, and people-pleasing ▪Toxins in the environment ▪Resentment or anger for not setting and upholding boundaries ▪Overeating, undereating, skipping meals, over-exercising, or not moving enough ▪Not getting a good night’s sleep ▪Riding the blood sugar rollercoaster (feeling irritated or ‘hangry’ when you don’t eat ) I know this one well ▪Eating on the go

While some stress in our life is perfect, chronic stress is the root cause of dysfunction and dis-ease in our bodies.

When you start focusing on nourishing your body and removing stressors, you’ll find that many of your goals happen naturally.

▪You’ll start to shed your excess weight because your body feels safe doing so ▪You will have more energy and balanced hormones ▪Your digestion will improve ▪You’ll no longer need to fight so hard. Instead, you’ll be working with your body.

You deserve to feel good. You don’t need to overhaul your life (because that might be stressful, too!), but you can take small steps to coach wellness and crowd out the chronic stressors.

Here are some ideas to get you started: ❤ Plan your meals and exercise for the week (helps with good food choices) ❤ Go to bed 1 hour earlier (unless you’re already going to bed by nine like me 😉 ❤ Add protein to each meal to balance blood sugar ❤ Start each day with gratitude or meditation

Mindset matters. What you do also matters.

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