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Perfection is overrated

The secret to a fabulous life is to live imperfectly with great delight!!

Why are we so obsessed with perfection?

The fitness industry constantly hits us with images of perfectly sculpted bodies who perform their perfect workouts without fail.

And society, in general, demands us (especially women) to be ideal in every way –pretty, skinny, loving Moms, successful in our careers, etc.!

Let’s call it out right now and say perfection is overrated and a complete lie.

And in fitness, at least, it’s also entirely beside the point!

Most of us don’t want or need to Try to be perfect. But we all need healthy habits that we practice consistently.

  • That means we follow through on our exercise commitments most of the time, generally, over the long haul.

  • That means we try to eat right as much as possible – again, day in and day out.

  • That means we try to sleep most nights enough and save enough money each month, and so on.

When we accept that we’re headed in the right direction and doing our best, it’s OK when we fall short of (yes) perfection. We can shrug it off and get back on track without beating ourselves or making it worse.

The simple truth is: Showing up is half the battle. You do get credit for “just trying” because it adds up. And over time, all those “less than perfect” workouts and meals balance with the consistency of your A-plus efforts.

So leave perfection to magazine ads. and live with great delight.

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