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Renew your commitment to lifestyle goals

It’s just part of the intelligent, steady reassessment you should be doing throughout the year, but with the extra inspiration towards a better life.

So, first, look back. Remember your “why” or your primary motivation. Why did you want to take better care of yourself? If that’s still on the table, then keep using it. If not, that’s fine – maybe you’ve found a new chief motivator. Remember it. Say it out loud. Write it in your journal. Make something tangible you can see and feel to remind yourself every day.

Consider the goals you set. With some time under your belt, do they now seem realistic or too big? Maybe you’ve done so well that you can make them more challenging.

Tweaking goals is clever, not a sign of failure. Maybe use a visual metaphor from nature. We prune Orange bushes because we know they’ll grow back busier than before and with more fruit. Tend to your health like a garden, not a one-and-done project.

Talk with your team – trainer, workout buddy, significant other, etc. They might have some insight or encouragement to help you refocus and recommit.

Celebrate what has gone well so far. Go on your favourite hike. Enjoy your favourite fresh fruit. Invite friends over for a healthy meal.

You’re doing great!

Let’s keep pushing forward!

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