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The goal is to keep the goal the goal

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

The goal is to keep the goal the goal. -Dan John Please don’t overlook this statement because it’s simple. It IS simple, and it’s transformational. Keep the goal the goal. And to do that, stay flexible with your path. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “I was doing really well, and then ‘life happened’. Life happens every day. If you need to choose between your healthy lifestyle and life, it’s not a lifestyle at all! There will be work or family emergencies. There will be holidays and celebrations. Sometimes you don’t sleep much, and getting up at 5 for your workout is not in the cards. The goal should continue to be the goal, even as you make space for some flexibility in your path. There are many ways to work towards optimal health and fitness, even on the craziest days. In fact, keeping your goal in mind on the craziest days will make you even stronger and more focused. Asking a few simple questions will help. As you go through your day and make decisions, ask yourself, “what CAN I do?” Let’s say your partner gets sick, and you must go to the doctor with them. You might have to miss the workout you had scheduled for the day. But, when you ask, “what CAN I do?” your mind will start looking for opportunities to make better choices. Perhaps, on this day, it simply means honouring your body and not overeating. There will be good choices, better choices, and then the best choice. It isn't about perfection. You are not always going to make the best choice. But it's about keeping the goal in mind and making as many choices that move you in your desired direction as possible. Pivoting and finding different paths to your goal isn't a failure. It's a necessary skill to build because life IS happening. Obstacles are going to present themselves. It's this ability to stay flexible and pivot when needed that will keep us from losing momentum on the journey towards our goals. Don't expect things to be perfect. Don't expect things to always turn out in the ideal, best-case scenario because that will only create disappointment. Just keep going in any way you can, doing your best. This is how you keep the goal the goal- so that you finally get there.

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