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Changing moods can effect food choices

So I have trained all week in fact I have trained all month, my trainer thinks I am making fantastic progress, my output per session has doubled since I started but I am still craving carbs and everything in between!

A really important aspect of healthy eating is being able to have the food you need in convenient location at all times, I think it is really important to ride the good times by preparing for the hard times, you know when you are invincible and everything is easy,use this time to think about how you could plan for the times when you are craving for simple carbohydrates.

Take advantage of a free day or an hour to prepare healthy foods.

Look around your bound to have some empty containers, start preparing food in advance, it really is easy to make larger portion of something healthy and store it away, salads will keep well for a week, but also prepare meals that could be kept for up to 3 months.

What do you think those fad diet companies do when you sign up, yes that’s right, mmm frozen food even worse dried food that you mix with water, make your own!! Hey most of us have two fridges at home you know where we keep all the alcohol, dessert and frozen meats.

Make room, its time to have a frozen foods section at home with healthy choices, that

you have prepared yourself. Remember to always combine any complex carbohydrates with proteins this will help you feel full quicker and keep the GI low.

Items needed

zip lock bag, containers, colour code the package so you know what you have at a glance. Keep a notebook by your freezer and use it to keep track of the food in your freezer, while you at it keep track of your alcohol intake as well!!

How to freeze food

Everything should be cooled down before it’s put into the freezer, and every piece of frozen food should be tightly wrapped and well marked, remember never to partially cook and freeze meat (it should be fully cooked, always, before being frozen), don’t let food stand at room temperature for more than two hours.

Some simple foods you could freeze

Tuna patties ( to 2 weeks) Lean mince (meat balls and hamburgers) Bolognaise sauce (1 to 3 months) Soups (chicken, lentils)

no excuses you can do this!

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