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Is Pilates For Everybody?

Every Body loves to move, to get stronger and be more flexible which gives you the feeling of enhancement when we connect mind to body, using awareness and breath to perform movements with precision and control. Yes, Every Body can achieve the wonderful benefits of Pilates. As a Pilates instructor, I see clients that have poor body awareness, old injuries that flare up and existing ones that need to be managed, lack of cardio conditioning, lack of functional strength and have been disconnected from their bodies for a long period of time, therefore I am always trying to connect body and mind to help clients, gain a better understanding of movement by using core and breath, teaching clients to slow down before starting a session is essential in the Pilates method. Our current clients have come to Evolve to reduce their pain or rehabilitate following an injury, its common to see these clients not making the initial connections to the right muscles or not activating the deeper muscles during their other exercise activities. It’s also about connecting with people, whether it's me as the Instructor or with the group they are in, it’s connecting within that space with others that amplify their experience. Joseph Pilates said, “Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” When you are totally connected in your Pilates practice, body, mind, and spirit are aligned. When you achieve this, you are in control of your body and where you take it within your Pilates Practice. I love to see people make those connections within their body. Pilates Instructor are qualified to guide you through your practice however as an Instructor, I feel an immense gratitude when I see people listening to their body and moving according to their body’s needs at that given moment in time. Yes, Pilates is for Every Body. Come and learn to connect with your body through movement, breathing, precision and control, your mind and body will reap the benefits!

I’ll see you soon for a Private or Duo Reformer session 😊

Pilates reformer provides a full body workout that can be adjusted to meet the needs of every individual. Tailored programs can assist people wanting to support their existing physical workouts (e.g. Cycling, surfing, dancing, weight training) through to those with rehabilitation needs requiring modifications. Through mind/body awareness, those regularly attending Pilates reformer classes can expect a stronger core, long lean muscles, better posture, balance, improved coordination, joint mobility and injury support.

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