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How Reformer Pilates Can Help with Back Pain

At least 80% of people will suffer one episode of back pain during their lifetime. These days many people work sitting in front of a computer, It is no surprise they find it hard to sit up with proper posture for eight hours, which leads to compression of the spine, posture and ultimately back pain which has a compound effect on your lifestyle. Reformer Pilate is recommended for back pain because it is such an effective and safe way to strengthen your core muscles and increase flexibility, which reduces pressure on your spine.

Pilates trains the deep muscles in your abdomen and back to be strong and efficient in everything you do. What does this mean to you? Move with confidence, know your body will support you and trust that you wll be ok performing your everyday tasks.

Here is some reason why it’s so important to do Pilates Reformer

Comfortable Equipment

Even though it looks like torture equipment, the Reformer is actually safe and comfortable. You can do many different exercises while lying down. It has a headrest where you can comfortably place your head. If you do exercises on a Reformer, you will notice that the movements are easier than when you’re doing them on a mat, everything feels smoother and less clunky and eventually, you will move freely as well.everything feels smoother, with the reformer supporting and guiding your body.


You can exercise on a reformer safely in many different positions such as standing, sitting, kneeling, side lying, which challenges all you daily functional movement to your level and eventually progressing to more complex movments. The Reformer has springs that will make your muscles work differently from the traditional floor exercises. The springs bring a challenge to your balance, motor control, and core strength as you work on improving your postural alignment. Always remember that whilst it is common for us to have back pain, it doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Improved Movement

Reformer Pilates will help you move better. Poor posture can cause imbalances in your body which can lead to back pain. The Reformer’s sliding carriage and springs help you build good movement habits by gradually decreasing the amount of assistance and gradually increasing the resistance.while increasing your strength and stability.

Low Impact

Reformer Pilates is low impact and a very controlled exercise. A lot of the exercises can be taught lying down or seated, giving you support and confidence to perform the exercise without putting your back at risk

Activating and strengthening muscles

Where tight muscles affect posture and cause pain, there are also muscles in a weak or underactive position. Typically, we see weak core (muscles of the stomach and around the spine) and Gluteal (buttocks). Strengthening these muscle groups will help keep your body in a better posture which will put less strain on your back. Reformer Pilates can be used to isolate these weak points and ensure they activate during exercises to help strengthen them quicker.


Reformer Pilates is as relevant to athletes as it is to a retired gardener. As you progress and your back pain reduces, your exercises can progress too – making them more challenging and taking your strength, flexibility, and fitness to new heights.

Restoring Flexibility

Reformer Pilates is more than just stretching. The springs and sliding carriage of the Reformer will guide you with exercises ranges of movement you don’t use (but should) in your normal day. This can help relieve the stiffness built up through your daily routine and ease back pain

At Evolve, we use a combination of the Reformer and other small equipment to help our clients release, mobilise, strengthen and lengthen their bodies. Private or Duo sessions allow us to give you individualised care to free you from pain and help you to achieve your fitness goals.

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