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Benefits of stretching before and after a workout

Many people don’t understand the benefits of stretching. For the most part, they stretch either once before exercise or after.

Here are some benefits.

Primes Your Muscles for Exercise

A dynamic warm-up increases blood flow, moves the joint fluidly, and mimics the movements completed during the workout.

Improves Posture

Improving your posture is more than willing yourself to sit up straight. Tight muscles are synonymous with weak muscles, which leads to postural compensations. Be sure to stretch your core, neck, and shoulders daily, and try strength training exercises for better posture.

Eases Back Pain

Believe it or not, back pain may come from tight hamstrings! That’s because tight hammies increase the stress on the muscles surrounding your spine and lower back. A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that following an intensive stretching routine for 12 weeks dramatically improves chronic lower back pain and reduces the need for pain medicines.

Improves Exercise Form

Tight muscles hinder good form during exercise. After all, when your muscles start compensating for each other, proper biomechanics go out the window! By correcting muscular imbalances, static stretching can help you perform any exercise with better execution, improving your performance and preventing injuries.

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