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Tips for starting your wellness journey

If you are interested in starting a personal health and wellness journey, you have probably realised that you are the only person who can pave the way for the life you imagine yourself living. Picking up new habits can be a struggle but committing will always be worth it when working toward positive changes. If you are starting, here are some tips to help you get started and move in the right direction without fearing ups and downs or getting yourself over your head.

  1. Start by writing down your goals. Put your pen to paper and list what you are trying to accomplish. Taking the time to think about this on your own and to define what you want will help you to be able to visualize and mentally work through the process of what you will need to do to accomplish your goals realistically. After you have written them out, it is easier to talk about these goals and reference them if you struggle with sticking to your new habits.

  2. Give yourself grace. We all have days and sometimes weeks that don’t go as planned. If you encounter obstacles along the way, give yourself the grace to make mistakes, step off the path for a moment, and know that you can always get yourself back on track. Every step you take is another step forward and another opportunity for you to move toward your goals.

  3. Grow slowly. We often have ambitious goals and can clearly see where we would like to end up without giving much thought to the little habits we need to incorporate into our lives to reach that outcome. Start with one small change at a time when you start on your wellness journey. Take notice of how you feel and what works for you and what doesn’t. By making one small change at a time, you can stick with the things you work on and notice the difference it makes.

  4. Get support. Having someone you can talk with and encourage you can make all the difference when starting a healthier lifestyle. Whether you have a friend, family member, or wellness professional helping you, be sure to share your feelings, your progress, and your failures. The people around you can help to support you and open your eyes to new areas of opportunity during your journey.

Getting started on a health and wellness journey can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Have the courage to start, and trust your path will unfold in the right direction.

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