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Hate Exercise!

Hate exercising? You’re not alone.

Every day, thousands of people nationwide start with good intentions, committing to an exercise plan, only to quit altogether a few weeks later.

We understand exercising takes some work. It’s not easy, but essential for your health and overall well-being. And we want to ensure you stay committed the next time you begin an exercise plan.

Don't put your life on the back burner.

So, with that in mind, here are four tips that will help you stay fit, even when you hate exercise:

1 Have Fun

No one says you must go to the gym five days a week and do circuit training. If you hate going to the gym, find something you enjoy doing. Do you like swimming? Hiking? Kayaking? Dancing? Surfing?SUP? There are plenty of ways to get your body moving and condition your heart while building lean muscle. Find something you love to do, and you’ll do it more.

2: Give Yourself Some Time

The science is out, and it says it takes roughly 30 days for a human being to form a new habit. So you can expect that days 1-29 will be challenging to ensure you work out. That’s okay. Just give yourself adequate time to allow this new habit to form. If you do, you’ll find incorporating exercise into your life easier.

3: Build Exercise into Your Daily Life

Some people will swear until they are blue in the face that “they just don’t have time for exercising.” You can easily make time if you build exercise into your life. For instance, if you try and spend time with the family each day, why not get the family to go on a family bike ride after dinner?

If you need to spend an hour reading through student papers each day, why not read through them while on the stationary bike? There are ways you can kill two birds with one proverbial stone, so look for ways to do it in your own life.

4: Take Baby Steps

Too many people make huge goals that are simply unrealistic. For example, someone may aim to lose 20 kg in 3 months. Well, that’s not only unrealistic, but it’s also not even healthy.

Someone else may have a goal of running a marathon in 3 months. Well, that’s unrealistic if you haven't run much before.

When starting, set small goals that you can quickly achieve. For example, your first goal may be to consistently swim for half an hour, three days a week, for one month. That’s very doable. And when you reach a goal, it gives you the confidence in your abilities and energy to keep going and set even more goals.

If you follow these four tips, you can stick to an exercise plan and see positive results. Who knows? You may even learn to like exercising.

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