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long term goals come from daily action

There are only two options: take action or make excuses; all else is nonsense. Action is what helps you to make progress, while excuses keep you confined to where you are. When we look at our long-term goals, they can seem overwhelming and often unattainable.

But it is the small daily choices that we make that will make sure that we reach our goals. This can be applied whether our goals are physical, academic, financial, nutritional, etc.

Instead of looking at the top of the mountain and thinking, “Oh my, I will never get there”, we should look at each day as a step. Make a 5-minute action plan for each day to move you toward your long-term goal and show up.

One day’s 5 minutes may be planning out your week’s workout or nutrition schedule, the next day may be showing up for your workout, and the next day may be reading a health and fitness article to keep your mind sharp and help you stay motivated, etc.

Some days you will make it 5 minutes, other days, you will make it through a 30-minute workout; the goal is to create daily habits which will keep you going. Remember, motivation comes from your daily actions, not the other way around.

What is your 5-minute action going to be today?

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