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More on goal setting

In personal growth, we should know a few things about goal setting. Everyone seems to be able to set goals, but few take the proper steps consistently to make them happen.

In the beginning, you're eager; you're excited! ...But then life happens, plans change - and it's so easy to give up.

This is why it's SO important to plan your day, one day at a time, and to match your goals with your reality.

After all, your goals are important to you. I WANT you to achieve them. I want you to feel proud of yourself!

Here are three ways to start your GOAL settings for the day.

  • Make sure your goal matches your reality. When we set our goals too high or unrealistic expectations about what we can accomplish in one day or week, we often give up before we even start because it feels impossible. The change seems too big, or we don't have the capacity, so we don't do anything. But if you break down your tasks into small chunks daily, success becomes much more attainable.

  • Make sure it's actionable: Making your goals ACTIONABLE helps you feel more confident that you can achieve them.

  • And lastly... Review and evaluate your progress daily or night and make adjustments that work for YOU.

Focus on doing your best. Make your goals match your reality for that day.

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