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The greatest secret benefit of Pilates revealed

Studio pilates: Pilates Reformer

Why is it that so many celebrities swear by Pilates?

Pilates enthusiasts claim it makes their bodies long and lean, improving muscle tone and lengthening the spine whilst giving a thorough and challenging workout.Others may assume it is a bit slow at times. So why is it that so many people, including celebrities, swear by Pilates?

Common answers focus on the benefits Pilates exercise has on posture, injury rehab, toning your body etc, arguably the greatest benefit of Pilates – it can drastically transform your sex life.

Pilates focuses on training your body holistically, digging deep and forcing you to activate deep intrinsic muscles that you might never have known existed before you tried Pilates. The pelvic floor is a great example of this. You might know the feeling of an activated pelvic floor muscle when you stop yourself urinating mid-flow. It is the area that spans underneath the pelvis and is a large sling of muscles and ligaments that help control your bladder and bowl and more importantly for some, it makes the vagina tighter and more toned, creating better orgasms and increasing pleasure in sex.

Through Pilates exercise you will train this area both explicitly and implicitly – meaning that you will strengthen it while you are performing the Pilates moves and poses and you will be trained to activate it just by focusing on it.

And don’t just take our word for it – there are a number of studies which show that pelvic floor muscle training exercises to help improve sexual response in both men and women. Most recently, a study published in the journal of sex and marital happiness showed that sexual function can be improved through Pilates exercise. Still not convinced?

Try Pilates for a month and see how you go!

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