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Pilates and Osteoarthritis

We know that Pilates is great for everyone! And that definitely applies to anyone with Osteoarthritis.Sometimes because our joints are stiff and sore, we just want to stay still and go into protective mode. But if you think about it, that’s not logical. Everything locking up, losing mobility and strength. After all, you have to ‘use it or lose it’ as the saying goes. Pilates is gentle and aims to workout without stressing your joints or add pressure to the surrounding ligaments and cartilage. Working with an Instructor who can individualise your session for your needs, means that you will be looked after however your body shows up on the day. Some days, you may just need mobilisation, stretching and light resistance work and other days your body is up for more challenge. You listen to your body and so will we!

Pilates focuses on precise, controlled movements and can offer you many health benefits. Pilates will help to lengthen your body, increase blood flow to muscles and tendons, which may help relieve soreness. With a focus on movement from your core, joint alignment, Pilates can help you through better posture and stronger stabilising muscles.

All Pilates exercises start in your core (your abdomen), stay in your core and end in your core. Before trying Pilates exercises, you must learn how to move from your core, and only then will you be able to realise the full benefit of Pilates.

Our aim – for you to leave your session feeling great, whether that’s physically, mentally or hopefully both!

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